Celebrating 10 years of healthy start-up life

Creax Ltd was founded over 10 years ago in Helsinki by Heikki Rautajoki – together with Sponda, Rastor and Buenaventura – to provide innovative start-up companies better business environment. Sponda wanted to expand its Business Studio idea and Rastor to educate future start-up entrepreneurs. The foundation was solid, to continue ja improve Uusimaa Incubator Network´s best practices learned from 1998 till 2008. But – the recession 2008 prevented the original plan and timetable to expand Business Studios, as Helsinki metropolitan area was filling up of empty office space.

Since that Creax has provided extended business and advisory services for start-up and early-stage companies. Over the years the Creax and its founder have assisted over 250 companies in business evaluation, coaching and building roadmap to next funding round.

During the last five years Creax Health (under Creax Ltd) has focused strongly on preventive health innovations and diagnostics advising start-ups, evaluating R&D projects and executing market studies and commercialization assessments.

This journey along with several future-looking indicators in global health tech space support our thesis:  Healthy Lifestyle Ecosystem and wellness data is never  complete even if/when more wellness data is created and personalized.

Healthy lifestyle can be complete only after it can be integrated with early detection of diseases. Early detection of diseases in turn is not possible with out ultimate novel easy non-invasive devices and services, which are available in our everyday life – wearables or at home and in communities, such as pharmacies, sport centers and supermarkets. Early detection of diseases is The Missing Piece of healthy lifestyle and The Holy Grail of massive reduction of treatment costs for the society.

Creax Health´s ambition is to be at the forefront of this development and to monitor and bring up the latest innovations into healthy lifestyle marketplace.  We will monitor all this closely and report in our upcoming post.