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CreaxHealth – “Your Health Tech Business Guide”

CreaxHealth is a health tech and life science team of Creax Ltd, established 2008 for providing business and funding advisory services for start-ups and early-stage companies in affiliation with leading early-stage investor network in Europe.

We assist start-ups and early-stage companies both in business evaluation and commercialization and building roadmap to next funding round and M&A / Exit strategies.

Our team is collaborating with innovative stakeholders in life science and health tech space, such as VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, HUS Helsinki University Hospital, Business Finland, Health Capital Helsinki and SPARK Global Network.

The co-founder and CEO/chairman of Creax Ltd Heikki E Rautajoki has been an advisor for over 250 start-ups and early-stage growth companies from 1998 till present. He is also an angel investor at FiBAN/EBAN HealthTech network and M&A/Exit Advisor at FirstExit in affiliation with Suomen Yrityskaupat Ltd, accredited EU Horizon2020 (Phase I & II) HealthTech evaluator, European Health Tech Investment Forum Expert Jury and Selection Committee Member, TEKES/Business Finland Innovation service provider and SPARK (Finland) Life Science mentor.

Our Services

CreaxHealth provides business and funding advisory services for Health Tech and Life Science start-ups and early-stage companies, such as:


Innovation evaluation

We evaluate game-changing innovations and challenge their excellence and impact vs
existing solutions


Market and business appraisal

We carry out independent market studies and appraise business potential and risks – opportunities of the business plan


Business strategy assessment

We assess business strategy taking into account competitive position, team experience and strategic partnership potential



We review barriers to commercialization and go2market strategy taking into account existing business strategy


Building roadmap to next funding round

We quide management to create consistently value and assist in building roadmap to next funding round


SM&A / Exit strategy

We guide management to embrace key success factors in M&A / Exit process and provide
objective and realistic valuation for successful closing

Some examples of our projects:

  • A global market study of emerging, non-invasive Point-of-Care diabetes diagnostics
  • A feasibility study on commercialization of disruptive analyzer used for prediabetes
    and drug efficacy diagnostics for a project consortium
  • An evaluation of potential novel tVNS technology applications and business model
    for a clinic
  • An evaluation of business potential of novel HBOT technology applications for a
  • Investor presentation and funding roadmap for a nutritional supplement company
  • An elaboration of investment memorandum and funding roadmap for a diagnostics

We target on Health Tech start-ups and focus our efforts on three cornerstones of start-up life: validating business opportunity, building team and ensuring realistic funding roadmap.

Equally we assist companies hands-on in innovation and grant applications for EU and Business Finland funding instruments.

Creax Ltd is also co-creating companies with core teams acting as co-founder and seed investor in close cooperation with Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) and European Business Angel Network (EBAN). At present Creax is an advisor and minority shareholder in selected Health Tech companies.

Our mission is an easy, non-invasive early detection of diseases

CreaxHealth has an ambition to accelerate the development and market access of novel non-invasive home-community prediagnostics, which can have an impact on our personal quality of life.

Today personal health data is still mainly targeted to fitness and wellness tracking with sensors and wearables. However – no fitness data alone is able to prevent you of getting cancer, diabetes or other fatal diseases. You need to be able to measure, understand and act when early signs of diseases appear.

In the near future we are able track easily our personal early warning signs with non-invasive devices and platforms at home and communities – instead of waiting for symptoms.

CreaxHealth is dedicated to promote rapid and easy-to-use, non-invasive tracking devices and screening methods for cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer and cardiovascular diseases, for example MedicubeX Ltd. – a finnish company founded in 2020 – for the development and sales of smart self-service solutions for healthcare.

Together with our strategic partners we have an ultimate portfolio of non-invasive game changing products, devices and platforms in our pipeline to be introduced on the market during 2020, for example AGE Reader – a disruptive, non-invasive CVD/diabetes risk assessment device by Diagnoptics Technologies BV.

Our References

“Don´t worry about failure, you only have to be right once”

Drew Houston, Dropbox co-founder and CEO

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